TO ALL NEW YORK STATE EMPLOYERS – Reporting of criminal record information

RE:  Reporting of criminal record information on a job applicant whose annual income is expected to be under $25,000.
Under NY State law, we are prevented from reporting convictions to you that are over 7-years old if the rate for the job for which the applicant is being considered pays less then $25,000 per year.
This is a departure from the […]

The Morning Risk Report: Lack of Post-Employment Checks Expose Companies

Wall Street Journal (04/27/17) DiPietro, Ben
From “The Morning Risk Report: Lack of Post-Employment Checks Expose Companies”
Wall Street Journal (04/27/17) DiPietro, Ben

Most companies with 100 or more employees conduct pre-employment background checks on potential workers, but most stop checking on workers after they are hired. This practice opens up potential security and compliance risks, according to […]

Why applicant job history should be checked. (No Background Check of Pilots)

..The investigation found that both pilots had been fired from their previous jobs.. Chavez for missing training and Marchese for poor performance and inattention to details. The NTSB noted that Execuflight owner Augusto Lewkowicz told investigators he hired Marchese and Chavez based on recommendations of other pilots and that he didn’t check with their former […]

Background Checks What Employers Need to Know

A joint publication of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Federal Trade Commission

When making personnel decisions – including hiring, retention, promotion, and reassignment – employers sometimes want to consider the backgrounds of applicants and employees. For example, some employers might try to find out about the person’s work history, education, criminal record, financial history, […]

Fidelifacts Drug Screening

Fidelifacts has established a partnership with i3screen and leveraged more than 100 years of combined expertise with cutting edge technology for a smarter screening process.

Employment screening & total program management for both DOT & Non-DOT employers through the most dynamic technology available today.

Contact us with the type of testing you need done, 5, 7, 9 or […]

Santa Clara County California Criminal Checks

Strike over: Court clerks in Santa Clara County vote to return to work.  There will be a backlog of paperwork but operations will come back too normal soon.

New York City ban on credit reports for employment

Legislation passed by the NYC Council and signed into law by Mayor Bill Deblasio severely restricts NYC based employers from using CREDIT REPORTS or any credit related information when checking a job applicant. There are some exceptions – mostly involving applicants who are FINRA members or may become FINRA members. It also appears that employers, […]

TO ALL NY EMPLOYERS Re: Criminal records.

The state of New York has passed an amendment to the General Business Law that essentially seems to require two new steps in the employment process to take effect in 2009. We strongly urge that you to check with your legal department for full details and the requirements of this new law. In essence, it […]

New FTC Business Guidance for Employment Background Screening Companies Help With FCRA Compliance

FCRA Changes