New York City ban on credit reports for employment.
Legislation passed by the NYC Council and signed into law by Mayor Bill Deblasio severely restricts NYC based employers from using CREDIT REPORTS or any credit related information when checking a job applicant. There are some exceptions - mostly involving applicants who are FINRA members or may become FINRA members. It also appears that employers, under this law cannot consider information related to civil suits, judgments or bankruptcies under the law.
LI Business News Who's Who in Business Support Services - Thomas W. Norton
Notice to Users of Consumer Reports for Pre-employment Screening, Credit and Tenant Background checks.
ATTENTION- ALL California employers
Effective January 1, 2012, employers in California will be prohibited from obtaining consumer credit reports to use in the hiring and promotion process
The FDIC's guide to Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening of Potential Bank Employees.
New Legislation
Re: Criminal records
Credit Reports & Washington State Residents
New Legislation

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

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